Size Range Part No.
³⁄₈ ⁴⁴⁄₆₄” to ⁵⁶⁄₆₄ CD
¹⁄₂ 1” to 1¹²⁄₆₄ A4
³⁄₄ 1⁸⁄₆₄” to 1²⁰⁄₆₄ A9
1 1²⁰⁄₆₄” to 1³²⁄₆₄ A10
1 1³²⁄₆₄” to 1⁵²⁄₆₄ A14

Safety Alert
* The bolts used in the interlocking clamps are not standard bolts. They vary from standard bolts in their length, diameter, overall thread length and material hardness. These bolts can be retorqued, but it is not recommended that the bolts or clamps are reused, as they are designed for a single bend only. We recommend using only factory supplied replacement bolts.

* Torque values for clamps are based on dry bolts. The use of lubricant on bolts will adversely effect clamp performance. Do not lubicate nuts and bolts.

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