The FX21 is the staple crimper of any proficient hose shop. Not only is it perfectly engineered, but it is the most user friendly crimping system on the market today.

The FX21 is designed as a “dead stop” crimping system. It has no electronics, requires no calibration and has no dials to set. Simply select the proper die and spacer ring and crimp away. This machine is the maintenance person’s best friend.

Teflon Hose 3/16” thru 1”
Thermoplastic Hose 3/16” thru 1”
Air Conditioning Hose 5/16” thru 5/8”
1-Wire Braid Hose 3/16” thru 1-1/4”
2-Wire Braid Hose 1/4” thru 1-1/4”
4-Spiral Hose 3/8” thru 1-1/4”
6-Spiral Hose 1/2” thru 1-1/4”

The FX21 is available in two electric pump configurations:
FX21-1 – Press and pump assembly with a 1 H.P. 110 V electric over hydraulic pump.
FX21-2 – Press and pump assembly with a 2 H.P. 110 V electric over hydraulic pump.

SIze: 16” wide, 32” deep, 33” high
Weight: Approx. 290 lbs.
Dies & Spacer Rings:
The FX21 requires FX21 Series crimp dies and spacer rings.
Caution – All Flextral pumps produce 10,000 PSI. Safety and caution should always be used when operating hydraulic equipment.

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