The FX21E is the latest addition to the FX21 crimper series. It is engineered with same durability and simplicity but with the addition of digital control. The digital control eliminates the need for multiple spacer rings and enables the user to update the PLC via a USB port. The control module is pre-programmed with the most common Flextral hose and fittings. In addition the crimper can be operated in the variable mode enabling the user to select a fixed crimp diameter.

Teflon Hose 3/16” thru 1”
Thermoplastic Hose 3/16” thru 1”
Air Conditioning Hose 5/16” thru 5/8”
1 Wire Braid hose 3/16” thru 1 ¼”
2 Wire Braid hose 1/4” thru 1 ¼”
4 Spiral Hose 3/8” thru 1 ¼”
6 Spiral Hose 1/2” thru 1 ¼”

FX21E-1 Press and Pump assembly with 1HP 110v electric over hydraulic pump. Includes foot switch with guard and calibration ring.

16” wide, 32” deep, 33”high
Weight: approximately 300lb.

Dies and Spacer Rings: The FX21E requires FX21 series crimp dies and one common spacer ring (spacer ring YY).

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