The FX400 series crimper is ideal for the shop that needs power and capacity. The easy micrometer setting, built in die storage and included foot switch make this crimper ideal for many applications.

(1) Based upon -8 100R2AT hose with 1 pc style fitting.
Specifications are for reference only.

Master Die I.D. (Standard): 145mm
Crimping Force: 265 Ton
Max Hose Diameter (2 Wire): 2”
Max Hose Diameter (4 Wire): 2”
Max Hose Diameter (6 Wire): 2” Max Industrial Hose Diameter: 4” Max Die Opening
(Die Size plus): 60mm
Max Die Opening w/o Dies: 182mm
Length: 29”
Width: 20”
Height: 32”
Weight 579 lbs
Electrical Power (Std): 230V 1 Ph
Electrical Power (Optional): 230V 3 Ph
Electrical Power (Optional): 440V 3 Ph
Pump HP: 5 HP
Manual/Fully Automatic Crimping: Yes
Inch/Metric Settings: Yes
Approximate Crimps per Hour (1): 1415

Standard dies included: 12mm, 14mm,16mm, 19mm, 22mm, 26mm, 30mm, 34mm, 39mm, 45mm, 51mm, 57mm,63mm, 69mm, 74mm, 84mm, 92mm and 145/99mm adapter dies.

Additional 99mm die series available in bore sizes: 7mm – 78mm
Additional 145mm die series available in bore sizes: 84mm – 126mm

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