These handles are a ground breaking tool composed of Long Glass Nylon which enhances the thermal properties compared to commonly used materials, such as aluminum. In addition, this lightweight material is stronger and more wear-resistant. From temperatures of -40°C to +50°C (-40°F to +122°F), each handle is designed to battle the most aggressive environments.

This easy-to-use mechanism enables you to clamp onto hoses or pipes effortlessly without damaging the hose or dirtying your hands. The hose handle allows for easier movement in the field and increased efficiency with the capability to move two hoses at a time. Effective in all types of environments, the handle allows you to grip, torque, and release single-handedly through a natural fluid movement.

Part Number Hose Size Box Qty
HC-200-H 2” 10
HC-300-H 3” 10
HC-400-H 4” 10
HC-600-H 6” 10


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