A hose saddle designed to properly suspend hose. The patented product is used to protect the manufacturer’s maximum bend radius and keep your hose from kinking. HoseBun™ is used for cradling hose within various industrial and commercial sites and applications including: the petrochemical industrial, oil and gas drilling applications, hi-hose refueling stations, overland and offshore shipping and transportation settings, military and aircraft refueling depots, and in the nuclear reactor industry.

Material: Urethane
Max Temperature: +93ºC (+200ºF)

Part NumberHose SizeLength InchesPackage Weight lbsSling Height InchesSling TypeRated Capacity lbs
HB-6006”21.5016.0022.50Type 4 Hook Eye8,000
HB-8008”30.535.0018.00Type 4 Hook Eye12,000
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