Air entering the inlet pressurizes both the lower and upper chamber. When the tool reciprocates, there is a sudden pressure drop in the lower chamber. When this occurs, the oil is forced through the valve into the air stream. The amount of oil injected is adjusted by opening or closing the metering valve. Pooling of oil in the line after use can be reduced by turning the unit upside down after shutdown. This allows the pressure in the two chambers to equalize thus eliminating the pressure differential causing the oil flow. Installation is recommended within 25 feet of the tool to be lubricated. Minimum flow rate is 30 SCFM.

In-line lubricator has a fill plug and sight disc.

Part Number NPT Size Inches Oil Capacity Max W.P. PSIG Air Flow
@ 70 PSI
PL-300 ¹⁄₂ 1.4 FL.OZ. 500 30 SCFM
PL-400 ³⁄₄ 3.7 FL.OZ. 200 70 SCFM
PL-400L ³⁄₄ 11.0 FL.OZ. 300 70 SCFM
PL-500 1 16.0 FL. OZ. 250 100 SCFM


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