These kits contain the most popular size 90 durometer O-rings, individually boxed, which will supply your shop, service truck, or parts counter with the size you need.

O-RING KITS Part Number
O-Ring Boss Kit OK-10
O-Ring Face Seal Kit OK-20
SAE Flange O-Ring Kit OK-30
Caterpillar Flange O-Ring Kit OK-40
O-Ring Boss, Face Seal & SAE Flange Kit OK-60
O-Ring Boss, Face Seal & SAE Flange Kit (Brown Viton) OK-60BV90
European Metric Standard O-Ring Kit OK-60EB90
Japanese Metric Standard O-Ring Kit OK-60JB90

These replacement O-rings are made from buna-N nitrile rubber and are resistant to gasoline, oil, grease, and petroleum based hydraulic fluids. Other O-ring materials can be special ordered. Match the O-ring dash size to the dash size of the fitting.

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