Hoses can whip if they become accidentally uncoupled or tear away from the fitting. Whip Checks act to control whipping in the event of a failure. Spring-loaded loops in the cable ends open easily to pass over the couplings, for a firm grip on the hose.
To function properly, restraint cables must be installed in a fully extended position with no slack. Maximum working pressure is 200 PSI.

Part NumberHose-to-Hose
WHIP-S¹⁄₈” cable for ¹⁄₂” to 1¹⁄₄” hose-to-hose
WHIP-L¹⁄₄” cable for 1¹⁄₂” to 3” hose-to-hose
Part NumberHose-to-Tool
WHIP-ST¹⁄₈” cable for ¹⁄₂” to 1¹⁄₄” hose-to-tool
WHIP-LT¹⁄₄” cable for 1¹⁄₂” to 3” hose-to-tool
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